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Join Us On Our Journey Through The Vast World Of Blockchain And Experience What It Is Like To Be Ahead In The Game That Only The Eagles Can Help You To Win.

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Multiple sets of unique trading cards featuring artwork from top NFT artists and projects. Open packs and try to complete the sets to get special rewards.

Who Are We?

Eagle Battle Based on one of the World’s Fastest Growing Blockchain, Binance (BNB), we are the Next Big Thing the Cyber world has ever seen. Eagle Battle is your Gateway into the World of Cryptocurrency. With Our NFT, You’ll be able to Enjoy Our Upcoming Experience Rich Games and we will also be Launching our Own In-House Crafted Eagle Battle Token or EBT. Currently Listed on OpenSea, we have planned even bigger things that your mind can adhere to. Different Sets of games will have different NFTs and Different NFTs will have different Purposes; providing uniqueness and meaning to your individual purchase. Are you ready for This Deadly Battle? Because Our Eagles Are Ready to Fly!

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Tokenized NFT's

Brought to you by the Ethereum blockchain and ERC-721, these are verifiably one of a kind items.

Unique Mint Numbers

Every card is unique and bears its own mint number showing the order in which it was created. Low mints receive more leaderboard points so are highly sought by collectors.

Multiple sets to collect

A wide ranging cross section of the people, projects and artists across multiple different drops of varying themes.

Ultra Rare Mythic and Exotic Insert Cards

Attain ultra rare cards by topping the leaderboards, racing to finish the set first or with luck by getting an ultra rare pack insert. We’ll have more to share about these special cards in the lead up to the presale.

Hot collections


  • Airdrop
    You all are thoroughly invited to the Airdrop of our Eagle Battle till 5 Oct.
  • 1st NFT’s Batch Launching You all are thoroughly invited to the launch of our first 3 Patti NFTs.
  • 1st Game Launching Have you purchased the NFTs already? Get ready to earn as 3 Patti is launching.
  • 2nd NFT’s Batch Launching The second batch of NFTs is all set for a zesty launch, be ready!
  • 2nd Game Launching Can you guess what the second game is? Tell us, we are waiting. It’s none other than Deal Rummy.
  • 3rd NFT’s Batch Launching The Third batch of our card NFTs is all set to go live by now.
  • 3rd Game Launching ‘Point Rummy’ you must have seen this name somewhere. Well, forget the past, and let’s focus on the present.
  • 4th NFT’s Batch Launching Let’s just wait. Our fourth batch of NFTs is about to launch.
  • 4th Game Launching Guess the fourth game and we have a surprise for you.
  • 5th NFT’s Batch Launching The fifth batch is now all set for coming into your collection, purchase now.
  • 5th Game Launching Hi-Five is all we can say because the name of this game is enough to get you excited.
  • 6th NFT’s Batch Launching This time, the sixth batch will contain something different from the rest.
  • 6th Game Launching Just like this batch of NFTs, we will take a diversion.
  • 7th NFT’s Batch Launching Often considered a mystique in some cultures, the seventh batch will include magical NFTs.
  • 7th Game Launching Talking about the game, we should probably not do that.
  • 8th NFT’s Batch Launching This will be the last batch of NFTs in the roadmap, but it’s definitely not a full stop.
  • 8th Game Launching This batch of NFTs will be for our Indian Card game lovers.
  • 9th NFT’s Batch Launching Have you ever heard of risking all for it? Well, this batch of NFTs will be worth it.
  • 9th Game Launching Not bringing the Jack-of-all-trades in between.
  • 10th NFT’s Batch Launching Also know as the number of completeness. This Batch will complete your desires.
  • 10th Game Launching Break the monotony, because it’s time to call.
  • 11th NFT’s Batch Launching One of the most intriguing batches of NFTs by Eagle Battle. Hands Down.
  • 11th Game Launching Are you feeling a bit creative? Don’t worry, as we have got Call Break for you.
  • Why Go with Eagle Battle?

    Future Proof

    Eagle Battle’s BNB Based Blockchain ensures Guarded Longevity.

    In-Game Uses

    Eligibility to Play EBT’s Exciting Pool of Games & Earn from Anywhere.

    Rising Value Asset

    The Next Big Thing Translated to Big Rising Value of The NFTs You Hold.

    Multi-Chain Blockchain

    Collaboration with World’s Most Popular Blockchains Upcoming.